Libertas Mathematica vol.1


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Does the Quadratic Equation Have Greek Roots? A Study of "Geometric Algebra", "Application of Areas", and Related Problems PDF
Sabetai Unguru, David E. Rowe 1-50
On Nikodym's Boundedness Theorem PDF
Corneliu Constantinescu 51-74
Un Théorème de Point Fixe. Application à la Comparaison des Équations Différentielles dans les Espaces de Banach Ordonnés PDF
G. Isac 75-90
Frequency Domain Criteria for Nuclear Reactor Stability PDF
C. Corduneanu 91-116
Monotonic Properties of Some Spectral Resolvents PDF
I. Erdelyi 117-124
Involutivity of Conservation Laws for a Fluid of Finite Depth and Benjamin-Ono Equations PDF
Boris Kupershmidt 125-132
Some Observations on Surfaces with Null-Projective-Curvature PDF
Froim Marcus 133-140
On the Codimension n Minimale Surfaces Carrying a Covariant Decomposable Tangential Vector Field in a Riemannian or Pseudo-Riemannian Space form PDF
Radu Rosca 141-150
Some Fixed Point Theorems for Convex Contraction Mappings and Convex Nonexpansive Mappings (I) PDF
Vasile I. Istratescu 151-164
A Generalization of the Stability Concept PDF
Christian Constanda 165-172
Fluid Flow and Pressure Distribution in Ferromagnetic Films PDF
Nicolae Tipei 173-192
C. Corduneanu 193-220
C. Corduneanu 221-222

ISSN: 0278-5307