Libertas Mathematica vol.11


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
A Note on the weighted Shapley Value PDF
Dan Butnariu 1-6
The Process of Normalization for Very Complex Software Design Systems PDF
Viorel Vlad 7-12
Existence of Bounded Solutions of Discrete Equations PDF
Mohammad H. Moadab 13-20
Recursive Algorithms for Rules Evaluation in Expert Systems PDF
Ilie Popescu 21-30
Coincidence Degree in Bifurcation Theory PDF
Dan Pascali 31-42
Uniqueness of the Cauchy Problem for Some Abstract Differential Equations PDF
Samuel Zaidman 43-58
On Polynomial Reachability of Discrete Linear Control Systems PDF
Ali A. Ansari 59-64
Generalized Transversality and Existence Theorems PDF
Radu Precup 65-80
Classes of Differential Systems PDF
Constantin Simirad, Corneliu Ursescu 81-104
A Note on Rellich Inequalities PDF
B. G. Pachpatte 105-116
Le Tourbillon Gravitique et l'Avance du Perihelie des Planetes PDF
John Carstoiu 117-122
Generalization of Lagrange's Equations PDF
Constantin Tudosie 123-132
Sur une Famille d'Integrales avec Parametres Importuns: Tests de Concordance PDF
Fabian Todor 133-138
The Potential Basis and the weighted Shapley Value PDF
Irinel C. Dragan 139-150
Characterization of n Prime Numbers Simultaneously PDF
F. Smarandache 151-156
C. Corduneanu 157-205
C. Corduneanu 206-207

ISSN: 0278-5307