Libertas Mathematica vol.8


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Isaac J. Schoenberg PDF
C.Corduneanu 3-10
Outdoor Sculptures PDF
I.J.Schoenberg 11-18
On the Behavior of Iterative Methods in the Presence of Grid Irregularities PDF
T.F.Chen, G.J.Fix 19-30
Parallel Line Search Algorithms for Solving Convex Unconstrained Minimization Problems PDF
Propasri Asawakum, Florian Potra 31-46
On the Irreducibility of Bessel Polynomials PDF
Emil Grosswald 47-54
An Existence Theorem for the Modified Bargaining Set of a Cooperative n-Person Game PDF
I.Dragan 55-64
Uniqueness of Bounded weak Solutions to the Equation u'(t)=a(t)Au(t)in Hilbert Spaces PDF
S.Zaidman 65-68
Some Variational Eigenvalue Principles PDF
Dan Pascali 69-72
An Efficient Method for the K-Continuation of a Polynomial PDF
Zalman Rubinstein 73-78
Order-S-Quasibarrelled Vector Lattice and Closed Graph Theorem PDF
M.S.Al-Mestady, S.M.Khaleelulla 79-96
Fixed Points and Coincidences in Sequentially Compact Spaces PDF
T.Kubiak 97-100
On the Choquet-Kendall Theorem PDF
G. Isac 101-108
Effect of Turbulence on Darrieus Rotor PDF
M.T.Brahimi, 0.Marchand, I.Paraschivoiu 109-116
Asymptotically Periodic Solutions for Some Hyperbolic Equations PDF
H.Poorkarimi 117-122
Asymptotic Behaviour for Difference Equations PDF
Mohammad H. Moadab 123-134
Extended Classes of Analytic Functions of Several Variables - Addendum PDF
P.K.Kantham, G.M.Deheri 135-140
Two Interpenetrating Superconducting Fluids in a Magnetic Field PDF
Adina Koch 141-154
A Construction without factorization for the Real Numbers PDF
Alexandru Pintilie 155-160
C. Corduneanu 161-188
C. Corduneanu 189-190

ISSN: 0278-5307