Libertas Mathematica vol.9


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Properties of Wallman type spaces PDF
Carmen Vlad 1-12
Zeros of Bouligand-Nagumo-fields, flow invariance and the Brouwer fixed point theorem PDF
Nicolae H. Pavel 13-36
On the existence and uniqueness of integrable solutions for integral equations in several variables PDF
M.Kwapisz 37-40
Basic representations of polyanalytic function PDF
Dan Pascali 41-44
A note on Dubinskii type inequality PDF
B.G.Pachpatte 45-58
On the existence of a weak solution to a Volterra-Skorokhod equation PDF
Marica Lewin 59-70
Nonexistence results for the abstract Cauchy problem PDF
S.Zaidman 71-80
Les algebres bornoloqiques stellaires PDF
M.Akkar, A. Beddad, M. Oudadess 81-100
Superadditivity for solutions of coalition games PDF
Irinel Dragan, Jos Polters, Stef Tijs 101-110
Solutions of the full potential equation using integral methods PDF
Z.Fang, Ion Paraschivoiu 111-120
Necessary and sufficient conditions for the oscillation of difference equations PDF
G. Ladas, Ch. G. Philos, Y.G.Sficas 121-126
Existence of bounded solutions to nonlinear discrete equations PDF
Mohammad H.Moadab 127-132
Integral representation of solutions of linear abstract Volterra equations PDF
C.Corduneanu 133-146
C. Corduneanu 147-197
C. Corduneanu 198

ISSN: 0278-5307