Libertas Mathematica vol.18


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Three-person games with a cross-entropic criterion PDF
Rodica Branzei 1-12
Asymptotic behavior of differential equations PDF
Raul Naulin, Jaime Urbina 13-22
On multivariate generalizations of Hardy's inequality PDF
B.G.Pachpatte 23-48
Ray Optics On Surfaces PDF
Mostafa Ghandehari 49-52
On the unique solvability of semilinear problems with strong monotone nonlinearity PDF
Cristinel Mortici 53-58
A linear delay—differential equation of the second order PDF
Adrian Corduneanu 59-70
The relation between the abstract and geometric duals of a planar graph PDF
Laurentiu Modan 71-76
Two functions in number theory and some upper-bounds for the Smarandache function PDF
Sabin Tabarca, Tatiana Tabarca 77-86
The Singular Lagrange spaces PDF
Emil Stoica 87-92
Hamilton—Jacobi equations realted to a control problem PDF
Catalina Davideanu 93-106
On the integral equation for airfoil design PDF
Mircea Lupu, Ernest Scheiber 107-118
Controllability of delay—integrodifferential systems in Banach spaces PDF
K.Balachandran, R. Sakthivel 119-128
A criterion of relative compacness in the space BlS(Rn) PDF
S.Zaidman 129-134
Unidimensional flows of second grade fluid in spherical domains PDF
R.C.Fetecau, C.Fetecau 135-144
Priorities and contributions of Florin Vasilescu to the theory of multifunction PDF
T.Birsan 145-158
Approximation procedures for an abstract LQ-optimal control problem PDF
Zephirinus Okonkwo 159-172
A class of second order boundary value problems concerning the capilarity theory PDF
N.C.Apreutesei 173-192
Notes on the equation Bx'(t) = Ax(t) in Banach space PDF
Gaston M.N'Guerekata 193-198
C. Corduneanu 199-228
C. Corduneanu 229-230

ISSN: 0278-5307