Libertas Mathematica vol.13


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
A nonlinear boundary value problem in the theory of deflections of spherical caps PDF
R. Kannan, J. Y. Shin 1-16
Nonlinear boundary value problems involving abstract Volterra operators PDF
Mehran Mahdavi 17-26
Some simple criteria for starlikeness and convexity PDF
Petru T. Mocanu 27-40
Rings with an almost division algorithm PDF
Amir R. Rahimi 41-46
Compact self adjoint operators ond existence of solutions to singular nonlinear boundary value problems in a real Hilbert space PDF
Donal O'Regan 47-68
On a numerical algorithm for approximating the solution in the theory of Mindlin plates PDF
Christian Constanda, Dan Constanda 69-76
Error estimates for finite element approximations of second order elliptic problems having inhomogeneous essential boundary conditions PDF
D.M. Bedivan, G. J. Fix 77-84
On some new discrete inequalities related to a certain integral inequality PDF
B. G. Pachpatte 85-98
Gale's feasibility theorem on network flows and a bargaining set for cooperative TU games PDF
Irinel Dragan 99-112
Existence d'une solution presque-periodique d'une equation integrale a retard dans un espace de Hilbert PDF
K. Ezzinbi, E. Ait Dads 113-120
Asymptotic equivalence of difference systems PDF
Rigoberto Medina, Manuel Pinto 121-130
Optimal control of an elliptic governed problem PDF
V. Barbu, N. H. Pavel 131-140
Abstract Volterra equation with initial point data PDF
Yizeng Li 141-154
Some mountain climbing techniques in the theory of semilinear operator equations PDF
Dan Pascali 155-170
Finite cyclic groups with two or more generators PDF
Marion E. Moore 171-172
Euler's method for a first order partial differential equation PDF
H. Poorkarimi 173-176
Two examples in LQ-optimal control theory PDF
Zephirinus Okonkwo 177-182
Une demonstration elementaire du theoreme de Brouwer PDF
Cezar Avramescu 183-186
Periodic travelling waves in nonlinear diffusion models PDF
C. Corduneanu 187-192
C. Corduneanu 193-214
C. Corduneanu 215-216

ISSN: 0278-5307