Libertas Mathematica vol.14


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
In appreciation of the work of Alexandre Froda PDF
Patrick Suppes 1-2
A tribute to Alexandru Froda PDF
Alexandru Solian 3-6
Publication list of Alexandru Froda PDF
C. Corduneanu 7-12
a noble human being PDF
Alexandru Lascu, Norbert Schlomiuk 13-14
Alexandru Froda - as I remember him PDF
Dan Bradu 15-16
Thoughts on Alexandru Froda PDF
Martin Jurchescu 17-20
The Centenary of Alexandru Froda PDF
Solomon Marcus 21-26
The local isometric imbedding in R3 of 2-dimensional Riemannian manifolds with curvature changing sign PDF
Werner Greub, Dan Socolescu 27-40
Higher order necessary conditions for optimization PDF
Nicolae Pavel, Huang, Kim 41-50
On solutions of singularly perturbed stochastic Volterra integral equations PDF
Marica Lewin 51-64
Some open problems in fixed point theory by means of fixed point structures PDF
Ioan A. Rus 65-84
Almost-periodicity of solutions of abstract wave equation PDF
Samuel Zaidman 85-90
Unsymmetric distributions for Quality Control PDF
Constantin Anghel 91-108
On a theorem of Liouville PDF
Ion Cucurezeanu 109-110
On weakly Boolean group rings PDF
W.B.Vasantha Kandasamy 111-114
An integro-differential equation from capillarity theory PDF
Gheorghe Morosanu, Adrian Corduneanu 115-124
Remarks on Volterra integral equation of the second kind PDF
Marian Kwapisz 125-130
On a singular perturbation problem with mixed conditions PDF
Taoufiq Benkiran 131-136
On the structure of quasi-Cayley graphs;Decomposition theorems PDF
St. Antohe, El.Olaru 137-150
On Hardy type discrete inequalities PDF
B. G. Pachpatte 151-158
Central commutant liftings in the coupling approach PDF
H. Bercovici, C.Foias, A.Frahzo 159-170
Nonlinear Dirichlet problems in perforated domains PDF
Dan Pascali 171-184
Practical considerations on a UNIX client/server architecture PDF
Viorel Vlad 185-192
C. Corduneanu 193-214
C. Corduneanu 215-216

ISSN: 0278-5307