Libertas Mathematica vol.15


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Calculus on non orientable Riemann Surfaces PDF
Ilie Bârza 1-46
On 2-paracompact pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds with Minkowski Index PDF
E. Reyes, R. Rosca 47-64
A Distributional Equation Related to Rao's Quadratic Entropy PDF
Elias Deeba, E. L. Koh, Shishen Xie 65-78
On uniform Lp-stability in variation of integro-differential equations PDF
Pavel Talpalaru 79-96
A Markov Model for Quality of Service in Public Data Networks PDF
Ilie Popescu, Eugenie Staicut 97-106
On Gel'fand Elements of Banach Algebras and Related Problems of Harmonic Analysis PDF
Mohamed Akkouchi, El honcine El Qorachi, Allal Bakali 107-118
Existence and Uniqueness of Mild and Strong solutions of an Integrodifferential Equation with nonlocal conditions PDF
S. Ilamaran, K. Balachandran 119-128
On Some Partial Differential Subordinations for Holomorfic Mappings in Cn PDF
Gabriela Kohr 129-142
Some Existence Results for Stokes and Oseen Flows Past Rigid Obstacles PDF
Mirela Kohr-Ile 143-158
Some Remarks on the Phase Field Equations PDF
Gheorghe Morosanu 159-164
Ultimately Positive Solutions of Lienard Type Equations PDF
Marian Muresan 165-174
A Differentiation Rule for Multiple Singular Integrals with Isolated Singularities PDF
Paul Cocârlan 175-188
Existence Theorems for Some Integrodifferential Equations PDF
Deepak B. Pachpatte 189-202
On Semilinear Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems PDF
Dan Pascali 203-210
The Osculating Plane is a Natural Limiting Plane PDF
Jacob T. B. Beard, Jr., Yung-Way Liu 211-214
C. Corduneanu 215-242
C. Corduneanu 243

ISSN: 0278-5307