Libertas Mathematica vol.16


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Asymptotic Limits of Solutions of Conditionally Convergent Differential Equations PDF
Stephen R. Bernfeld 1-12
Notes on the Topological Applications of Regular or T-smooth Measures to Wallman Type spaces PDF
Carmen Vlad 13-24
A New Generalization of the Integral Operators of Kim and Merkes and of Pfaltzgraff PDF
Horiana Ovesea 25-30
On Some Relationships Between the Shapley Value and the Banzhaf Value PDF
Irinel Dragan 31-42
On Uniqueness and Continuous Dependence in Thermoelasticity of Micropolar Bodies PDF
Marin Marin 43-54
A sharp Sufficient Condition for a Subclass of Starlike Functions PDF
Valeriu Anisiu, Petru T.Mocanu, Ioan Serb 55-60
An Extension of Jack's—Miller's—Mocanu's Lemma for Holomorphic Mappings Defined on Some Domains in Cn PDF
Gabriela Kohr, Cornel Pintea 61-72
On a Non-Classical Perturbed Boundary Optimal Control System PDF
Taofiq Benkiran 73-80
Asymptotic Weak Almost Periodicity and Almost-Orbits of Semigroups of Operators PDF
E.Ait Dads, K.Ezzinbi, S.Fatajou 81-90
Framed (2m+3)-Dimensional Riemannian Manifolds endowed with a Kenmotsu Almost Contact 3-Structure PDF
Fernando Etayo, Radu Rosca 91-104
Application of the Hamilton-Jacobi Theory in Optimal Nonsingular Control PDF
Mihai Popescu 105-112
An Existence Result for Oscillatory Stokes Flows PDF
Mirela Kohr 113-122
The Numerical Treatment of Delay Differential Equations with Constant Dealy by Natural Spline Functions of Even Degree PDF
G. Micula, P. Blaga, H. Akça 123-132
Existence of Solutions for an Integrodifferential equation with Non-Local Condition in Banach Spaces PDF
J.P.Dauer, K. Balachandran 133-144
Almost Periodicity of Some Solutions to the Linear Abstract Equation PDF
G. M. N'Guerekata 145-148
On a New Proof of Zorn's Lemma PDF
Florin Popovici 149-152
C. Corduneanu 153-198
C. Corduneanu 199-200

ISSN: 0278-5307