Libertas Mathematica vol.17


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Methods of Solving Optimization Problems and Linear Equations in the Space of Fuzzy Vectors PDF
Dan Butnariu 1-8
On the Constructibility with Ruler and Compass of a Minimum chord in a parabola PDF
Nicolae Anghel 9-12
Some Remarks on Analytical Functions PDF
Constantin Marinescu 13-20
Hyperbolic Functional Differential Inclusions in Hilbert spaces PDF
Abdelhaq Sghir 21-28
Bounded Solutions of Systems with Impulses PDF
Raul Naulin 29-38
Connectors of Bifurcating Equilibria of Planar Homogeneous Differential Systems PDF
S.R.Bernfeld 39-54
Univalence of Certain Integral Operators PDF
Horiana Ovesea 55-60
Differential Mean—Value Properties for Half-Continuous functions PDF
Mihai Turinici 61-76
Counterexamples in Maximal Dynamic Flows PDF
Eleonor Ciurea 77-88
Existence of Solutions of Stochastic Integral Equations Using Integral Contractors PDF
K.Subramanian, K.Balachandran 89-100
On Manifolds Endowed with a T—Killing Almost Constant 2-Structure PDF
I.Mihai, R.Rosca 101-110
Iterated Sums of Polynomial Divisors PDF
J. T. B. Beard, Jr., M. Leanne Link 111-124
Coatomic Lattices and Related Abelian Group Topics PDF
Grigore Calugareanu 125-132
Une Methode de la Theorie d'Extrapolation pour Resoudre des Equations Differentielles a Retard PDF
B.Amir, L.Maniar 133-142
Sample Controllability of General Nonlinear Stochastic Systems PDF
J. P. Dauer, K.Balachandran 143-154
Recession Methods for Noncoercive Variational Inequalities PDF
Liliana Gratie, Dan Pascali 155-164
The Circulant Graphs. Applications PDF
Stefan Antohe 165-174
On a Separable Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equation with Power Non1inearity PDF
Merlynd Nestell, M.Ghandehari 175-182
C. Corduneanu 183-222
C. Corduneanu 223-224

ISSN: 0278-5307