Libertas Mathematica vol.20


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Corneliu Constantinescu at his 70th anniversary PDF
Cabiria Andreian Cazacu 1-6
BMOM.-QC Mappings between Klein Surfaces PDF
Cabiria Andreian Cazacu, Victoria Stanciu 7-14
On the Solvability of Complementarity Problems by Leray-Schauder Type Alternatives PDF
G. Isac 15-22
Potentials on Nonorientable Klein Surfaces PDF
Dorin Ghisa 23-32
Non-Uniquely Extremal Quasiconformal Mappings PDF
Edgar Reich 33-38
On an Operator Alternative Without Oddness Conditions PDF
Dan Pascali 39-42
Some Simple Criteria for Starlikeness and Convexity of Order Alpha PDF
Gheorghe Oros 43-48
On Some Classes of Meromorphically p-valent Starlike Functions with Positive Coefficients PDF
H. E. Darwish, M. K. Aouf, G.S. Salagean 49-54
Loewner Chains and Univalence Criteria PDF
Paula Curt, Dorina Raducanu 55-58
Univalence Criteria for Holomorphic Mappings in Cn PDF
Dorina Raducanu, Paula Curt 59-62
Starlike Functions in an Elliptical Domain PDF
Nicolae N. Pascu, Dorina Raducanu, Radu N. Pascu, Mihai N. Pascu 63-66
On Some Gronwall-Bihari-Type Inequalities PDF
Nicolaie Lungu 67-70
An Existence Result on Noncompact Intervals to First Order Integrodifferential Inclusions in Banach Spaces PDF
M. Benchora, S. K. Ntouyas 71-78
Controllability of Second Order Semilinear Delay Integrodifferential Systems in Banach Spaces PDF
K. Balachandran, S. Marshal Anthoni 79-88
Radial Distribution of Temperature in Spherical Bodies with Memory PDF
Corina Fetecau, Florina Buzescu, C. Fetecau 89-94
Existence and Uniqueness of Weak Solution in the Linear Theory of Elastic Shells with Voids PDF
Mircea Birsan 95-106
Total Curvature in Minkowski Planes PDF
Mostafa Ghandehari 107-112
Cones of Games Arising from Market Entry Problems PDF
Rodica Branzei, Stef Tijs, Judith Timmer 113-120
Dynamic Flows with Supply and Demand in Networks with Several Source and Sink Nodes PDF
Eleonor Ciurea 121-130
Complexity of a Class of Task Scheduling Problems PDF
Tony Wong, Jean-Louis Houle, Ruxandra Mihaela Botez 131-140
Some New Classes of Connected Matroids PDF
Laurentiu Modan 141-148
Groups and Related-Systems PDF
Stefan Antohe 149-154
On Certain Limits Related to the Number e PDF
J.Sandor 155-160
Variational Principles on Semi-Metric Structures PDF
Mihai Turinici 161-172
C. Corduneanu 173-198
C. Corduneanu 199-200

ISSN: 0278-5307