Libertas Mathematica vol.21


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
D.V. Ionescu — A Romanian Forerunner of Modern Numerical Analysis PDF
G. Micula 1-4
The Cauchy-Ionescu Problem for Hyperbolic Inclusions with Modified Argument PDF
Georgeta Teodoru 5-14
The “D.V. Ionescu Method of Function phi” and Spline Functions PDF
G. Micula, M. Micula 15-26
The Darboux-Ionescu Problem for a Third Order System of Hyperbolic Equations PDF
G. Dezso 27-34
Hyperbolic Differential Inequalities PDF
N. Lungu, I. A. Rus 35-40
Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions to a Nonlinear Hyperbolic Problem PDF
Rodica Luca 41-52
Controllability of Semilinear Evolution Equations with Time Lags PDF
P. Balasubramaniam, C. Loganathan, J.P. Dauer 53-60
Conditions PDF
M. Benchohra, S.K. Ntouyas 61-74
Singular Two-Point Boundary Value Problems PDF
Kamel Al-Khaled 75-82
Method of Rothe in Parabolic Equations Involving Subdifferential PDF
Corina L. Chiriac 83-90
Existence of Solutions of Nonlinear Fuzzy Integral Equations in Banach Spaces PDF
K. Balachandran, P. Prakash 91-98
On Relationships Between Different Kinds of Stability of Functional Differential Equations PDF
Pavel Talpalaru, Gabriela Galescu 99-106
Nondiscrete Induction Principle and Moser-Altman Existence Results PDF
Mihai Turinici 107-126
Nonanalytic Functions with Positive Real Part and Starlike Functions PDF
Petru T. Mocanu 127-132
Some Subclasses of Regular Univalent Functions PDF
D. Blezu 133-138
Invariant Solutions of Radiative Magnetohydrodynamics PDF
Gheorghe Procopiuc 139-144
Minimum Principles in The Linear Theory of Micropolar Piezoelectricity PDF
Dumitru Vieru, Silvia Gabriela Ciumasu 145-154
Additivity Regions for Solutions in Cooperative Game Theory PDF
Rodica Branzei, Stef Tijs 155-168
About Some New Circuit Properties for an Unoriented Matroid PDF
Laurentiu Modan 169-172
Dynamic Programming Based Supervised Learning Method for Neural Networks PDF
Angelica Calu 173-182
Channeled Spectra of Anisotropic Layers. Birefringence Dispersion Determination PDF
Dana Dorohoi 183-190
C. Corduneanu 191-214
C. Corduneanu 215-216

ISSN: 0278-5307