Libertas Mathematica vol.24


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Academician Radu Miron at seventy five PDF
Constantin Corduneanu 1-2
New properties of Berwald-Cartan Spaces PDF
The Homogeneous Prolongation to the Second Order Tangent Bundle T2M of a Riemannian Metric PDF
Gheorghe ATANASIU 11-20
On a Framed f—Structure on Tangent Manifold of a Riemannian Space PDF
Adrian SANDOVICI, Victor BLANUTA 21-28
Noether Symmetries for 1D Spinning Particle PDF
Mircea CRASMAREANU 29-32
Generalized Lagrange Spaces Derived from a Finsler - Synge Metric PDF
Valer NIMINET 33-38
On Semi-Symmetric Conformal Metrical d-Linear Connections PDF
Monica PURCARU, Mirela TARNOVEANU 39-50
On Some Remarkable Results of R. Miron PDF
Petre STAVRE 51-58
Thoughts on Fractals PDF
Ioan GOTTLIEB 59-62
On Kobayashi Dual Metric PDF
Gheorghe MUNTEANU 63-70
Curvature Tensors on Complex Lagrange Spaces PDF
Nicoleta ALDEA 71-76
Implicit First Order Dynamical Systems (I) PDF
Virgil OBADEANU 77-88
Geometrical Structures Associated to Second Order Dynamical Systems PDF
Monica CIOBANU 89-94
Cohomology of Fields of 2-jets on a Foliated Manifold PDF
Adelina MANEA 95-102
Dynamical Hamiltonian Systems on Hamilton Spaces H(k)n PDF
Florian MUNTEANU 103-110
Singular Hamilton Spaces PDF
Liviu POPESCU 111-114
Harmonic Semi-Riemannian Structures with Potential PDF
Cornelia Livia BEJAN 115-118
On Totally Contact Umbilical QR-Submanifolds of a Manifold with a Generalized 3-Sasakian Structure PDF
Constantin CALIN 119-128
Caracterisation des *v-produits et des *v-produits faibles PDF
My Hachem Lalaoui Rhali 129-136
On Boundary Behavior of Quasiconformal Mappings in Rn PDF
Anca ANDREI 137-142
On MorleyÂ’s Miracle Theorem PDF
Nicolas ANGHEL 143-150
Remarks About the Drop Principle PDF
Mihai TURINICI 151-164
Exponential Stability for a Class of Neutrals Functional Differential Equations with Finite Delays PDF
Sânziana CARAMAN 165-172
On Some New Inequalities Similar to Certain Extensions of Hilbert Inequality PDF
Mihály BENCZE, Zhao CHANG-JIAN 173-182
The Natural Proof of the Inequalities of Wallis Type PDF
Andrei VERNESCU 183-190
Sufficient Conditions of Univalence for an Integral Operator PDF
Virgil PESCAR 191-194
Apriori Error Bounds in Linear Elasticity PDF
Razvan RADUCANU 195-200
Capacities and Markov Processes PDF
Manuela L. BUJORIANU 201-210
Univalence Conditions for Integral Operators on S(a)-Class PDF
Daniel BREAZ, Nicoleta BREAZ 211-214
C. Corduneanu 215-246
C. Corduneanu 247-248

ISSN: 0278-5307