Libertas Mathematica vol.28


Table of Contents

C. Corduneanu i-ii
Some Fixed Point Theorems For Mappings Satisfying Implicit Relations In Symmetric Spaces PDF
Marcelina MOCANU, Valeriu POPA 1-14
Nonlinear Vector Maximal Principles In Product Structures PDF
Mihai TURINICI 15-24
Projective Maximal Principles In General Vector Spaces PDF
Mihai TURINICI 25-36
A Note on a Second Order Functional Differential Equation PDF
Mehran MAHDAVI 37-44
Continuouus Selections for Multifunctions Satisfying the Carathéodory Type Conditions, The Darboux Problem for Third Order Hyperbolic Inclusions PDF
Georgeta TEODORU 45-60
Applications Of Fixed Point Method In Nonlinear Analysis PDF
Cristian VLADIMIRESCU 61-68
Homogeneous Quadratic Dynamical Systems on R3 Having Derivations with Complex Eigenvalues PDF
Ilie BURDUJAN 69-92
New Means and New Refinements of Cesaro's Inequality and of the AM-GM-HM Inequalities (II) PDF
Mihály BENCZE 93-124
Univalence Sufficient Conditions For Some Integral Operators PDF
Virgil PESCAR 125-130
A Note on a Class of Analytic Functions Defined by a Generalized Salagean Operator PDF
Adriana CATAS 131-136
On a Szusz's Solution for Gauss' Problem PDF
Ion COLTESCU, Dan LASCU 137-142
The Laplace Transform of the Linear Car-following Model PDF
Mostafa GHANDEHARI, Siamak ARDEKANI 143-148
Theorem PDF
Amir M. RAHIMI 149-152
C. Corduneanu 153-192
C. Corduneanu 193-194

ISSN: 0278-5307