38th ARA Annual Congress Proceedings

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Table of Contents

Cover Pages PDF
Vasile Staicu 1-2
Preface PDF
Vasile Staicu 3-4
What Is Mathematical Chemistry? PDF
Alexandru T. Balaban 7-14
An electrochemical approach for biomolecules detection involving electrocatalytic gold nanoparticles PDF
Liana Anicai, Cosmina Lazar, Maria Mihaly, Marius Enachescu 15-19
Electrochemical deposition of Co-Sb nanowire arrays into titania nanotubes PDF
Mariana Prodana, Liana Anicai, Daniela Ionita, Andrei Stoian, Dionezie Bojin, Marius Enachescu 21-27
Optical and Raman Spectroscopy of (As4S3Se3)1-X: SnX Glasses PDF
Oxana Iaseniuc, Mihail Iovu, Matei Badea, Iulian Boerasu, Marius Enachescu 29-35
Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles for the removal of heavy metal ions from wastewaters PDF
Andra Predescu, Ecaterina Matei, Andrei Berbecaru, Ruxandra Vidu 37-42
Preparation of Cerium Oxide Films Using Pulse and Constant Electrodeposition Techniques PDF
Sevil Cetinkaya, Ruxandra Vidu, Pieter Stroeve 43-49
Painted glory - Romanian Monasteries PDF
Carmen Sabau, Isabelle Sabau 51-55
ChopinÂ’s Polonaise: Classic and National Influences PDF
Lioara Popa 57-64
Technical Features of ChopinÂ’s Piano Style PDF
Stela Dragulin 65-72
Learning in the digital world PDF
Isabelle Sabau, Carmen Sabau 73-76
Meeting the Bilingual Needs of Romanian Children in the U.S. Public Education System PDF
Milan M'Enesti 77-89
Prefrontal Cortical Microcircuits for Cognitive Control PDF
Ioan Opris 91-100
Light management in nanostructured solar cells by designing hollow fibers PDF
Masoud Rahman, Nima Taghavinia, Pezhman Sasanpour, Ruxandra Vidu, Pieter Stroeve 101-105
The mass balance of sewage sludge digestion process PDF
Ioan Neamt, Ioana Ionel, Ilie Vlaicu 107-113
Web Based Platform for Mobile Business Services PDF
Eugen Pop, Victor Croitoru 115-125
Solid waste incineration of residues- a clean technology PDF
Wächter Mihail Reinhold, Ioan Neamt, Ioana Ionel 127-137
Evidence of Human Mental Field PDF
Gheorghe Dragan 139-141
A Multi-Link Kinematics Model for Microrobots with Artificial Muscle Structure PDF
Ilie Popa 143-149
The Auto-Gopher Deep Drill PDF
Mircea Badescu 151-158
Conquering the Upper Strata:The Remarkable Story of Romanian Skydiver Smaranda Braescu’s Record Jump near Sacramento, May 19, 1932. A Talk Given by Gary F. Kurutz at Aerospace Museum of California on May 20, 2013 . Presented by Horia Ion Groza PDF
Horia Ioan Groza 159-169