Topics in Functional Differential Equations

Mehran Mahdavi


In this paper, we provide a concise presentation of the book "Functional Differential Equations: Advances and Applications" by Constantin Corduneanu, Yizeng Li, and Mehran Mahdavi, a research monograph, published by Wiley, 2016. The book contains five chapters, an Appendix, and a bibliography which includes more than five hundred fifty references. In each chapter, except the first one, there is a section, bibliographical notes, in which numerous references and their relationships to our work are provided. The book presents only part of the results available in the literature, mainly mathematical ones, without any claim related to the coverage of the whole field of functional differential equations or functional equations. The book also includes many applications of the results.


Functional differential equations; solutions; existence; uniqueness; stability; oscillatory motion; almost periodicity; neutral equations; Fourier Analysis

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